We are Roseville’s denture specialist! Using the training Dr. Clark received from top prosthodontists in the country we help solve even the most complex denture needs.

To help solve those problems we provide the very best digital dentures in the market today using AvaDent® Digital Dentures. In addition, we can fabricate customized dentures for a natural look.

Need more retention and a better fit? We offer a series of implant retained dentures aimed at solving your individual needs. This includes fixed All-on-Four dentures that stay in your mouth, or dentures that snap in for better retention yet can be removed for

maintenance and cleaning. In addition, we restore or repair nearly every type of implant and attachment system available. Our in house lab allows for quick repairs and attachment servicing.

All-on-Four Implant Retained Dentures – This is an denture that is fixed to dental implants creating the form and function of natural teeth. Various materials may be used ranging from acrylic teeth to all ceramic options.

Implant Overdentures – Uses implants and attachments to retain and support dentures for improved function and stability.

Digital Dentures – Ever lose your dentures? A digital file is stored for those times when you lose your denture in ocean, lose it or even throw it away on accident. It can be reordered without additional chair time. Digital dentures are milled from stronger materials allowing for less wear and breakage.

Custom Characterized Conventional Dentures – We can recreate dentures that look and feel like your old teeth. We take you step by step through a process that customizes a denture for the look and fit you are looking for.

If you are having problems with your current dentures or may benefit from dentures call our Specialty Practice today at 916-783-0122




The Doc and office staff are excellent at their job and very friendly to boot!

– Mike Roseville, CA