Do Partial Dentures cost less than Traditional Dentures?

Dr Clark dental appointment

Partial dentures, often called partial removable dentures, is a dental solution for missing teeth which uses artificial teeth fastened onto an acrylic gum-colored plate and a metal framework to attach to existing natural teeth. A partial denture appliance made of high quality materials is an aesthetically appealing and affordable solution to missing teeth, whether those teeth are missing from gum or other oral disease, injury, or other medical problem.

On average, the price range of partial dentures runs from $500-$2,000, depending on the needs of you, the patient. Below are a few of the factors which influence the cost of your individual treatment plan, all of which will be discussed with your prosthodontist:

  • How many missing teeth are there.
  • The condition of your existing teeth in terms of being able to support partial dentures.
  • If you will need to have any teeth pulled prior the mold of your teeth being taken for the partial denture.
  • The type of materials used by the prosthodontics lab to create your partial denture,

While all our of dental appliances are made of high grade materials which last for years, a partial denture will last much longer with proper care, hygiene, and regular check ups with your prosthodontist to make the necessary adjustments to the dental appliance that occur over time as the bones shift in your jaw. And though these are minor costs in the grand scheme of having a confident and healthy smile, the additional appointments that come along with having partial dentures is always something to keep in mind when making the choice to invest this dental treatment plan.

Overall though, the majority of our patients find that it’s well worth the investment to restore the confidence and comfort that we often sacrifice when we are missing teeth or have gaps between our teeth. Whatever the reason is that you have decided partial dentures are the dental treatment plan that works best for you and your lifestyle, there affordability of partial dentures is just one of the reasons why many of our patients find this option to be the ideal one for them.


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