How We Help

At Jefferson Lee Clark, our services are not limited to any isolated tooth or problem. Instead, we fully evaluate each patient in order to find the perfect recipe for beautiful and natural results. We strongly believe prevention is key in achieving and maintaining proper oral health. Using the latest in CAMBRA research and protocols we educate and supply our patients with the tools to remain caries free. This allows us to identify the cause of disease, rather than just fixing the symptoms in a never ending cycle.

In addition to offering a valuable foundation to oral healthcare, we strive to take dental care further. Our quality brand guarantees that whether you are coming into our office for dental implants, dentures or teeth whitening you will receive custom care.

Dental Implants

Dental implants

Dental Implants are a permanent and attractive replacement for missing teeth. Implants allow dental professionals greater control and a broader range of options when creating a healthy smile.

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Perfect smile

Aesthetic Dentistry allows patients to basically get back to “square one” in regard to their oral health care. From a single filling due to caries or a larger defect caused by trauma or pathology we can help. Our comprehensive exam will be aimed at discovering the causes of your symptoms and then treatment planning long term solutions.

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We provide the very best digital dentures in the market today using AvaDent® Digital Dentures. In addition, we can fabricate customized dentures for a natural look.

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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is an outpatient procedure conducted by a dentist to pull a tooth from its placement in the jaw bone. It is done due to various reasons of dental health preservation or improvement.

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Positive, uplifting, clear energy!  Dr. Clark is a lovely person and I feel blessed to have him as my Dentist! He has a very thorough, gentle, and conscientious approach to his work which I appreciate very much.

– Susan Granite Bay, CA