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“It’s a Safe Way To Save Your Tooth,” Says Roseville Prosthodontist on Root Canals

Root canals have had a bad reputation of sorts. A lot of people still think that root canals are horrendously painful, or that the trauma can get you a fever, or that an extraction is a way better option. These are common myths, and misconceptions dentists have to deal with, according to the American Association of Endodontists. “But root canal treatments have come a long way,” says Roseville prosthodontist Dr. Jefferson Clark. “Thanks to modern techniques, most root canal cases can be treated quickly and with very little pain.” Dr. Clark, a specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry in his clinic in Roseville, also does a lot of root canal treatments. “A lot of people seem to think that getting[…..]


Positive, uplifting, clear energy!  Dr. Clark is a lovely person and I feel blessed to have him as my Dentist! He has a very thorough, gentle, and conscientious approach to his work which I appreciate very much.

– Susan Granite Bay, CA