Should I get partial dentures?

Dr Clark dental appointment

Partial dentures are great option for replacing multiple teeth. Not only are they more cost effective than permanent crowns and implants, they don’t require any surgical healing time. Partial dentures can be made with a metal support or a flexible base for esthetics. If retention is an issue, implants can be used to support and retain the partial denture. A customized partial denture for your needs can be a great way to restore missing teeth, allowing you to chew and smile again!


A few things to expect from partial dentures:

Replacing teeth that have been missing may take some readjusting. Without teeth your tongue and muscles in your mouth can take up space previously occupied by your teeth. Thus, your tongue and muscles must get readjusted. Sometimes they feel a little bit awkward, or even a little bit bulky. It might feel this way for a for several weeks or even months. Don’t worry, this is totally normal, and you will get used to wearing the partial denture as you continue wearing it.


It will take some practice getting your partial denture in and out of your mouth, so take the time to practice and learn how to do it right. You never want to force your partial denture into place, or bite down on it to make it fit. This could bend or even break the denture or the clasps. Dr. Clark will give you instructions on how to fit the denture into your mouth and remove it, and have you practice at the office when they give it to you. Listen very carefully when you get these instructions. Dr. Clark will also give you instructions on how to care for the denture, how long it should be worn and other good advice. Again, listen to them and all the information they will be giving you.


Eating will be a challenge at first, but you will soon grow to love being able to eat with a full set of teeth. Start out with soft foods and food that is cut into smaller pieces so that they are easier to chew. You will want to make sure that you avoid hard and sticky foods. These can damage your partial denture, and/or cause irritation in your gums under the denture. Speaking may also take some getting used to, but with practice you will quickly adapt to the partial denture.


Partial dentures are cost effective way to replace multiple teeth. They can restore function, and esthetics. Call our office today to see if partial dentures are the right restoration for our mouth.


Dr. Clark took over from the dentist ... whom I had for many years. The staff at the facility is exemplary. Cindy is the best hygienist ever, and every dentist there has been screened effectively and does a great job. This last weekend Dr Clark contacted us when my 80-year- old mother had a dental crisis. He was totally available, and worked it into the schedule to help her get back into working order. If you're in the Roseville area don't go anywhere else.

– Chris Sacramento, CA