Decaying Tooth

What to know about a decaying tooth?

Taking care of our teeth is a very important part of our every day life. If one does not take care of their teeth, then tooth day, or cavities, is likely to occur. The reason this happens is because the bacteria living in our mouths makes acid, and this acid will eat away at our teeth. This is not the only reason for tooth decay. Here are a few other reasons why tooth decay can happen:   Poor Oral Hygiene Practices: Not brushing or flossing your teeth can cause tooth decay to quickly take over your mouth. Brushing helps to remove plaque and food buildup that can form during the day from eating. Flossing helps to remove food that gets stuck between[…..]

Symptoms of a Dead Tooth

Did you know that your teeth are actually alive? The Pulp, which is located in the middle of your tooth, contains blood vessels and nerves. This is why you feel pain when your teeth are injured or have deep decay. Since we know that your teeth are alive, this means they can die. What would cause a tooth to die? There are a few reasons why this can occur:   Trauma – Sports injuries, falling and physical contact with your teeth are all ways that your teeth can be traumatized. Any time that the tooth is injured to the point that it cannot repair itself, the tooth will die. If blood flow within the tooth stops, the nerve and other[…..]


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